Not Your Ordinary Monday

Posted by Katrina Payne on

Monday nights quickly became the highlight of my week during the Fellows program. Our weekly Roundtable was a time at which we enjoyed dinner with various host families, caught up with each other about our weeks, and deeply engaged in tough theological conversations.

One of the most impactful topics of discussion for me personally was eschatology, which is a fancy word for the study of the last things, or end times. I would never have expected this particular topic during the program to affect me in the way that it did, but by the end of the discussion that week, I was nearly in tears. Prior to that night, I thought my beliefs on end times prophecy were right where they should be. However, as Steve explained the various views, I began to realize how very little I knew and thus, how my worldview had actually been hindered by my muddled and light understanding of the end times. My overall view of God had been limited by my failure to look at the whole of the Bible from beginning to end.

After that discussion, it seemed as if the veil was lifted from my eyes and I could see God as the Author of this magnificent story of redemption. Instead of simply seeing just from the beginning of the Bible to Christ, I could now see the story of redemption expand all the way to the book of Revelation.

All of that to say, this program has stretched me both mentally and spiritually. I have learned things I didn’t know I needed to learn, and has corrected disjointed ideas that needed to be examined in the light of Scripture. God has been gracious to use this program to impact my worldview in such tangible and valuable ways, and I am so grateful to have been a part of it.